Foundations for Lasting Financial Security

Owning your own home is a major step toward lifelong financial security but it is just one piece in Building a Secure Future. There are many things that a homeowner should know in order to create a future that’s financially sound.

The Program

Building a Secure Future is a hands-on, how-to curriculum covering the important topics a homeowner should master for a secure financial future. It will provide the knowledge you’ll need to grow, build wealth and prepare for the future.

Topics Covered



Saving for

remodels & additions

& funeral costs


Participants Will:

  1. Meet with the Project Build a Future (PBAF) program coordinator to determine the areas of financial knowledge that will benefit you, set your goals for the program, and create an action plan.
  2. Attend two evening classes to learn about “covering your assets”
  3. Hear from professional resources who are experts in specific areas such as banking, legal services and insurance.
  4. Meet regularly with the PBAF program coordinator, who will coach you through your action plan and your journey toward a Secure Future.