What is Project Build A Future (PBAF)?2023-01-11T11:47:31-06:00
  • A locally funded/operated non-profit (501c3) organization committed to revitalizing our target area through quality and affordable homeownership initiatives.
When and how did PBAF begin?2023-01-11T11:47:31-06:00
  • PBAF began in 2001 when Father Henry Mancuso, pastor at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, recognized a need for quality and affordable housing within and around his parish. After speaking with Mayor Roach, Father Mancuso met with Mr. Willie King, a local businessman, to discuss the idea. On September 11, 2001, while the Twin Towers were being devastated and our nation was changing before our eyes, the seeds for change in Lake Charles were planted, and PBAF was formed.
What is the mission of PBAF?2024-05-17T11:59:47-05:00
  • The mission of PBAF is to empower our clients by providing quality affordable housing opportunities and financial literacy education, and to serve as a catalyst for community revitalization.
Who does PBAF help?2023-01-11T11:47:31-06:00
  • PBAF helps individuals and families interested in purchasing quality, affordable housing in the area north of Broad Street in Lake Charles.
  • PBAF follows a non-discriminatory policy and does not allow that person’s race, color, creed or religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital status, military status, handicap, disability, or any other protected status determine who enters our homebuyer program.
Are there particular requirements to enter PBAF’s homebuyer program?2023-01-11T11:47:31-06:00
  • To help foster the success of a participant in our homebuyer program, PBAF requires:
    • A steady income with a minimum annual income of $25,000;
    • Any bankruptcies must have been discharged for a three year minimum;
    • A desire to reside in the area north of Broad Street in Lake Charles;
    • A willingness to pay down debt, build credit and work diligently to become mortgage ready.
How does PBAF help someone interested in owning a home?2023-01-11T11:47:31-06:00
  • PBAF offers homebuyer individual counseling services, helping to lay a solid foundation for financial success.
  • PBAF staff and finance industry professionals educate future homebuyers through financial literacy courses, helping to strengthen skills needed to become a successful home owner.
Where is the target area of PBAF?2023-01-11T11:47:31-06:00
  • PBAF has chosen the area known as Lake Charles North as its target area, as this is the area in which Father Mancuso’s parishioners lived and worshipped. The borders of the target area are: Ryan Street to the West; Highway 14/Gerstner Memorial Boulevard to the East; Broad Street to the South; and Fitzenreiter Road to the North.
How does PBAF’s homeownership program work?2023-01-11T11:47:31-06:00
  • Individuals and families interested in purchasing a quality affordable home from PBAF complete an application.
  • Applications are reviewed by PBAF staff, and acceptance or denial letters (based on application criteria) are issued.
  • Participants entering the program work with a Homebuyer Counselor to establish a Plan of Action, meeting one-on-one monthly to assist in establishing budgets, reducing debt, raising credit scores, and acquiring knowledge to successfully obtain a mortgage approval.
  • Hard work and dedication is a must for success!
Does PBAF only build new houses?2023-01-11T11:47:31-06:00
  • While the majority of PBAF’s homes are new construction, we have completed several renovation projects as a way to revitalize the community and curtail the demand for quality affordable housing.
Does PBAF accept donations?2023-01-11T11:47:31-06:00
  • Certainly! PBAF accepts a variety of donation types:
    • Financial (ie – single transactions, matching gifts, planned giving, honor/memorial gifts)
    • Products and/or physical goods that are new or gently used (ie – furnishings, building materials, appliances)
    • In-Kind (ie – volunteer hours, services [printing, construction, etc.], knowledge/skills)
    • Property/Land (ie – vacant lot, lot with home)
Is my gift tax deductible?2023-01-11T11:47:31-06:00
  • Your gift is deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Contributions can be accepted in any amount and may be personal or corporate. Financial gifts may be made on our website, Facebook page, check, cash, or money order.
How can I help?2023-01-11T11:47:31-06:00
  • Volunteer to serve on a PBAF committee
  • Volunteer to help during the renovation or construction of a PBAF home
  • Donate your businesses’ services or products in the renovation or construction of a PBAF home
  • Donate new or gently used furniture and/or home goods to PBAF families in need
  • Sponsor a PBAF Homebuyer Education course by providing: location, meals, expertise – or a combination of any of the components listed
  • Tell people about the need for affordable housing in all parts of our community
  • Donate money and help connect PBAF to other donors, funders, friends
  • Connect PBAF to people interested in selling or donating property to PBAF
  • Refer someone in need of affordable homeownership to PBAF
How do I get more information about PBAF and the programs they offer?2023-01-11T11:47:31-06:00
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