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Homes built by PBAF are available to people who meet home-ownership criteria. Please click apply now for more information.
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How can you help? We are always looking for volunteers whether individuals or groups. Please click below for more information.
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Thank you for your inquiry concerning purchasing a home through Project Build a Future.  Project Build a Future is a non-profit organization that believes homeownership should be possible for a greater number of people.  We are working to help families achieve this dream.  It is our sincere hope that you will be able to successfully purchase a home!


To qualify for the program, the following criteria must be met:

  • The person (s) purchasing the home must have steady and sufficient income ($25,000 minimum amount).  While PBAF prioritizes low to moderate income households, we serve any income level above the minimum. 
  • The person(s) purchasing the home must be interested in living in the area north of Broad Street in Lake Charles
  • The person (s) purchasing the home must have low debt to be able to qualify for a home loan.
  • The person (s) purchasing the home must be willing to volunteer a minimum of one hundred hours of sweat equity time.
  • The person (s) purchasing the home must complete a HUD certified Homebuyer Education Course and obtain a certificate.

To begin the process of determining eligibility, you should review the brochure and complete the attached application.   The COMPLETE application must be hand delivered or mailed to Project Build a Future at 2306 3rd Street, Lake Charles, LA 70601.  You MUST attach proof of income for all household members who receive income (employment, social security, child support, etc.). We will then review your application and contact you within two weeks of receiving it.